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Jubilee Clip is a British Company manufacturing quality products since 1921 in Britain 

Full Product PDF Specification documents are available on request

The Original Jubilee Clip
The original Jubilee® Clip, the product that started it all! For the vast majority of applications this sturdy worm drive hose clip is more than suitable. Available as a mild steel zinc protected or stainless steel clamp in both 304 (18/8) and 316 (18/10) grades of stainless steel; this product also has a band that is continuously threaded enabling extra flexibility when adjusting the clip to the correct size. The smooth inside profile of the band and rolled edges give protection for all types of hoses including soft hoses made from rubber or silicone.

All our original Jubilee® Clips are independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSi) and carry the British Standard Kitemark™, which is universally regarded as the most stringent standard there is for a hose clip. Both grades of stainless steel clips are also accredited by Lloyds Register for marine use.

High Torque

Jubilee® High Torque clips are made of all stainless steel, with a two part housing and cut through band, keeping the band straight at the point of engagement and fully engaging all of the screw thread; giving a superior tightening torque. Although not suitable for use on soft hoses, where the high forces and perforated band may cut into the hose, they are ideal where a high clamping force is required and with a flexible band material they can achieve a high level of friction even against a smooth surface such as a metal pole.

These clips conform to SAE J1508 type HD.


Jubilee® Multiband (formally known as, "Lightning Stranglehold® Banding") is a self assembly, endless banding, or screw band system, which allows the user to cut the band to the desired length. Used in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), sign fixing, conduit and cable retention and lagging, this product is very versatile. A number of screw and housing designs are available to suit any application.
Quick Release Straps

Jubilee Captive Straps are used in a wide range of applications where a closed installation requires the clamp to be opened fully for positioning of the clamp. Examples include sign fixing, cable retention, repairs and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Jubilee Captive Straps are available in mild and stainless steel and manufactured at our Birmingham (UK) plant.


From 64mm, Jubilee® Superclamps offer the highest tightening torques with 8.8 high tensile bolts allowing an impressive maximum recommended torque of 25Nm. Naturally with the smaller clamps using a smaller bolt the torques are lower, but even so, the torques are impressive by comparison to alternatives for the same size range. Available in zinc protected mild steel and both 304 (A2) and 316 (A4) grades of stainless steel suitable for marine and offshore oil and gas applications.

These clamps can also be used in place of SAE J1508 type TB or T-Bolt style clamps.


Jubilee Flexiband is a band and buckle system offering a high strength fastening solution in 304 Stainless Steel and provides 4 different band widths 9mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm.

Flexiband is ideal for strapping items securely and can commonly be seen in applications such as sign fixing where the tamper proof nature of the product is of paramount importance.

Light Range

With a narrower band than the Original Jubilee® Clip, this lightweight clip is designed to offer an excellent seal at slightly lower torques. The Jubilee® Light Range is manufactured to DIN 3017 and like the Original Jubilee® Clip, all clips are continuously threaded to enable extra flexibility when adjusting the clips to the required size. This clip is most suited to applications where space, or weight, is restricted and often used in car and light commercial vehicle applications.


Based on Jubilee® Light Range Clips and suitable for hand fitting; Jubilee® Wingspade clips are supplied with a thumb screw, allowing easy torquing using just a thumb and forefinger. Suited to fittings that may need to be removed from time to time such as dust extraction units, or domestic hoses.

Wingspade Pocket Pack also available (PPWS) containing 22 wingspade clips covering fittings from 9.5mm to 55mm. See Assortment Packs for details

'P' Clips

Jubilee® P Clips are manufactured from a flexible steel or stainless steel one piece band with an ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) rubber liner. The band features a stepped design to allow the clip to sit flush with the rubber liner in place. The single piece construction of our pipe clips means that there are no joins making the clip very strong. The upper hole has an elongated design allowing easy fitting of the clip. Jubilee® P Clips conform to DIN3016 and non-standard sizes may be available on request

'O' Clips

The absence of a screw mechanism allows Jubilee® 'O' Clips to be useful on extremely small hoses. The tamper proof nature of the fitting may also make the Jubilee® ‘O’ Clips suitable for certain applications where there may be a risk associated with any interference to the fitting. Sometimes affectionately referred to as “Lemon Clips” due to their shape and also referred to as, double ear clips and 2 ear clips.

Jubilee® Juniors

These mini clips, also known as nut & bolt clips, are ideal for small bore hoses with relatively low pressures, where little clamping force is required. Used in low pressure applications such as a fuel line. Jubilee® Juniors are available in mild steel zinc plated and marine grade 304 stainless steel.

Two assortment packs are available containing either 54 (PPJJ) or 165 (JA165) Jubilee Junior clips in mild steel or 304 stainless steel.

CV Boot Clips

Jubilee® constant velocity (CV) joint boot clips, in stainless steel, are needed for securing the boots that protect CV joints from contamination, retain lubricant and ensure a smooth running transmission. Just two sizes cover the full range of dimensions required. Essential for MOT legislation and also available as an assorted kit.


This carefully selected range of tools is perfectly suited to our range of products and ensures that Jubilee® Clips are not only well manufactured, but also easy to apply!

Jubilee® Jubilee® Side Closing Pincer

Side closing pincer for use with Jubilee® ‘O’ Clips or Jubilee® constant velocity boot clips.

Clipdriver 95mm length

The shorter of the two Jubilee® Clipdriver tools with a rigid shaft 7mm socket driver and 95mm in length.

Jubilee® Flexidriver

The flexible shaft of the Jubilee® Flexidriver allows the adjustment of our clips even in difficult to reach positions.  The socket is suitable to fit any 7mm across flat hexagonal headed screw.

Assorted Packs

Jubilee® offers a range of assorted packs covering the most popular sizes making it possible to keep a selection of sizes, appropriate to any situation, to hand in one convenient pack.

Jubilee® Mild Steel Handy Pack

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Handy Pack

Jubilee® Mild Steel Workshop Pack

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Workshop Pack

Jubilee® Mild Steel Pocket Pack

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Pocket Pack

Jubilee® Mild Steel Junior Pocket Pack

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Junior Pocket Pack

Jubilee® Mild Steel Junior Assortment

Jubilee® Stainless Steel 'O' Clip Kit

Jubilee® Stainless Steel 'O' Clip Kit with Tool

Jubilee® Mild Steel 'O' Clip Kit

Jubilee® Mild Steel 'O' Clip Kit with Tool

Jubilee® Mild Steel 'P' Clip Kit

Jubilee® Stainless Steel 'P' Clip Kit

Jubilee® Mild Steel Wingspade Pocket Pack

Jubilee® CV Boot Clip Kit


Jubilee® Clip point of sales dispensers provide counter top and wall mounted displays for trade counters, as well as holding a small stock of Jubilee® products in one convenient place.

Jubilee® Mild Steel Handy Pack

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Handy Pack

Jubilee® Mild Steel Clip Dispenser

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Clip Dispenser

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Clip Dispenser

Jubilee® Mild Steel Large Clip Dispenser

Jubilee® Stainless Steel Large Clip Dispenser

Jubilee® Mild Steel Mega Dispenser

Jubilee®Stainless Steel Mega Dispenser

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